Goodbye to the Waterfront Blog

I am very sorry but the renewal for everything comes along in March with substantial costs involved and I have decided not to continue with the blog. Apart from the cladding there is nothing going about on the waterfront making it hard for me to find stuff to talk about.

The take up of the blog has not been anywhere near the take up of the original blog so finding the enthusiasm to continue has been quite hard.

The blog with stay up as long as the domain names remain active. If I can find a way to archive it all, I will let everyone know before the blog expires.

I am sorry to be doing this as it has been good to communicate with everyone especially through the hardship of the cladding for 51.

A windy day

I did a roll around to see how the wind was affecting things. There were quite a few people strolling up and down for a breath (ha!) of fresh air. The Aurora looked busy. Oh, and the wind was blowing! First off, we have couple of regular visitors.

First up was Alert.

Then we had the Border Force cutter Valiant. I might be wrong but Valiant seems to be missing the water canon that was on the fore deck?

It was extremely windy. I thought I would take a video of the seagulls as they do seem to enjoy flying in this type of weather. However, by the time I got the camera ready they had all gone. Nonetheless here is some idea of how windy it was.

Lastly, I went back home via the Podium and took a panorama shot of the scaffolding, which is nearly complete across the face of all three Anchor Street blocks. If you look carefully, you can see that the main face of No. 1 is now wrapped.

Waterfront miscellany 2024

Nothing much going on along the Waterfront. I had to roll down to Fore Street post office so took a few pictures.

First off, Fairline was having a delivery of a new boat.

I bet that this caused some blockages along the A14! Next up, I noticed that part of the chain fencing has come down. I hope that they fix this before someone goes in the water.

What with all the scaffolding going on around Orwell Quay, it is interesting to see that they have some on the front of the Salthouse hotel, although I think that this is for cleaning rather than anything else.

Finally, it is interesting to see that the first of the wrapping is going up on Anchor Street.

I say “finally” but there is one more piece of information. I bumped into the Cadent guys round near Isaacs. It is nice that they have finished in our road but they tell me that the Duke Street work is being held up by some scaffolding on the new building close to Tesco. It seems that they hoped to start work in February but it may be March before it happens. I can’t wait for the chaos that this is going to cause!

Paving and lifts

The Gas people have come back and taken up the concrete filling that they used temporarily.

I assume that they now have some blocks available and awaiting the team to relay them.

Whilst there, I noticed that one of the bollards that are supposed to be up all the time (and dropped using a key is what used to happen) has been hit and is at a jaunty angle.

Perhaps, one day, we will get back to having the all blocked off and the bollards dropped on special occasions – fun fairs, fire brigade etc. Probably too much to ask.

It is interesting to note how the current scaffolders differ in their approach to the previous ones. Here is the current state of play on Anchor Street. No sign of wrapping yet!

Lastly, an ongoing problem in Capstan House. Looking at my outgoing e-mails, I have been contacting EWS since at least the beginning of December, if not earlier, complaining that the left had lift is faulty. They keep getting the engineers in but the fault never goes away. According to them, t he engineers were in yesterday and fixed the fault that we had over Christmas – only one lift was working throughout the week. Here is a little video of the current problem – which is the same one we had back at the beginning of December. Make sure that you have your sound up load to here the problem.

Happy New Year

Now that Christmas is over, we can look forward to 2024 with some relief that our cladding issues are resolved but aware that Anchor Street has over a year still to go. However, It was a lovely day today, although the wind is still very strong. I rolled down the Waterfront to see what was happening to the Xmas tree by the University. It seems that it was blow over in the recent storm. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, they were finishing all the clearing up.

This is all that remains.

The day was nice and bright so I took one of my usual – down the Wet Dock – photos.

I am still impressed with the camera on my new iPhone 15 so here is a tricky one – straight into the sun. This would be hard to expose on my old Olympus but check this out.

Christmas on the Podium

We are very close to Christmas now. I have made two trips to Sainsbury’s – the 2nd because I forgot some stuff from the first trip! Mind you nipping in and out is a bit easier now given the ease of parking now that both sides of the west facade of Capstan House (I have been listening to Carters too much that I now use their nomenclature:-) have been cleared. I don’t use the underground car park every time as getting in and out with the wheelchair can be tricky given the lack of thinking about disabled access around the estate.

Anyway, what I am supposed to be writing about is the fact that the Podium has been lit up again, as it has every other year. It is very nice that they have incorporated these lights in the trees and wired them permanently.

Capstan House is free of everything!

Well, it has been over a year since the scaffolding went up. Also, we were wrapped in just after Christmas 2022. The last job was to replace the soffits under the 1st floor of Capstan and re-render everything. This has now been done so the last vestiges of the work have been taken away.

This will please my wife as it will make it much easier to get my Mother-in-law round to the Aurora. It is great to see the last of the parking closures have been taken away as well.

Nice to see that there are already cars parked there. The last bit to go is the Carters storage area on the Waterfront. This, sometimes, made it difficult for me to photograph any boat that moored up there. It looks a lot tidier as well.

The Aurora should benefit from all these changes. Mind you, I am not sure how well the new parking restrictions in their car park will go down. It only needs one “real” customer to get a parking fine!

Graffiti Updated – Part 1

I had cause to go down to Fore Street a few days ago. As I was halfway there, I carried on across the Waterfront down to Stoke Bridge. There has always been lots of graffiti on the walls down around the old Paul Building. I seemed to remember that there was some new efforts so, with my new phone camera I thought I would do a refresh. There is quite a lot so I will cover it in two goes.

First off, the display window, where there was a model of the Waterfront Railway, now has a display about Thames Barges.

Now to the graffiti.