Pretty High Tide today

I just missed the best picture but this one shows you how high the tide was around 1pm today.


The shot I missed was a little before this when they had the protective gates shut as well on the tidal side of the lock.

Whilst preparing this, I looked out of the Hobby Room window and saw that we had an interesting arrival in the commercial dock. I had to enlarge this quite a bit but it turned out to be HMC Vigilant. Normally the Border Force cutters come in through the lock so there must be a reason for Vigilant staying out there but I don’t know what it may be.


Now here is an interesting thought about ship names. Have you ever wondered why US Navy ships are referred to in the following fashion – The U.S.S. Arizona – but this form of address is never used for British warships? That expression expands to “The United States Ship Arizona”. Let us take the example of HMS Daring, one of our latest Air Defence Destroyers? Now if we referred to The HMS Daring, how would that expand? Well, this would be “The Her Majesty’s Ship Daring”. Also, “The HMC Vigilant” would be “The Her Majesty’s Cutter Vigilant” – same problem. Now do you see why we don’t use “The” at the front as it is bad English. (Note to my friend Dan – tell Muriel this little tidbit!).