Fish and Ships

The fishing boat came in during the night – at 5am it was unloading so I had to shut our bedroom window! Never mind, you can’t live on a working port and moan, any more when we lived in a village could you moan about cockerels – smile. Later this afternoon, the regular Dutch artic arrived. I am always amazed at how these guys maneuver the great big things.

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We have had a lot of Dutch boats in the Marina recently. It must be a great long weekend to sail across the North Sea to here – a couple of days here – and then sail back again. At one time yesterday, there were 8 Dutch yachts leaving at the same time. This one went today – I thought it a particularly attractive boat.

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Let’s have a party

What better way to spend a Saturday evening than partying on Victor.  The beautifully maintained Thames Barge was off out to the Orwell Estuary in the early evening with music playing and a crowd of people enjoying themselves. No doubt, they will return around 10-ish, still having a good time.


Oh,by the way, Suntis is currently moving through the Kiel Canal on its way to Varberg. The turnaround time in the summer seems to be quicker than in the winter – no doubt they sell more structural wood to the building trade.