Mothers Day 2022

Well, we had a little family reunion yesterday with myself and wife, mother-in-law and two daughter’s (Wendy and Debbie) with Debbie’s husband, Nick. A nice little group that included Debbie’s two dogs – golden retrievers called Bert and Ernie (remember Sesame Street?).

The bright weather – albeit cold out of the sun – enabled me to get a couple of nice photos out over the water.

First off, these two unusual boats have been moored up for a while.

Secondly, there was a really nice view of the lock gates and the heritage cranes.

One thing that I did notice, not having been doing this blog for a couple of years, is how dilapidated the two cranes have got. There are very large rust areas on both cranes. This is sad. Is no-one going to look after them? If not, some time in the future, I can see ABP talking about removing them because of their state when it would have been lack of maintenance as the root cause!

It is nice to be back

I took a tour around the Wet Dock last weekend and went across to “The Island” as the other side of the dock is called. It was an island many years ago and has the wet dock on one side and the Orwell River running through the New Cut on the other side. It only ceased to be an island when they closed off the Stoke Bridge end.

One of the features of the other side of the dock is the Fairline Yachts facility. Their super yachts are built at their Oundle factory and then shipped to Ipswich where their customer service depot prepares and tests them for handing over to clients. This transfer often causes issues on the A14 as this article in the East Anglian from October 2020 illustrates.

On the slightly technical side, the following three black and white images were taken with my circa 1987 Canon EOS650 on Ilford HP5 black and white film. I then developed the film myself and scanned them using a clever little device that lets me take a picture of a negative with my mobile phone (which has a 48 mega-pixel camera!). Anyway, here are the photos.

I had a chat with one of the workers there and I can tell you that the largest in the photo costs a reputed £2,500,000 whist the smallest is around £460,000! I won’t be getting one until I win the EuroMIllions!

I was around the Wet Dock yesterday as well. It was a lovely sunny day so I took the following to show the Fairline facility in all its glory.

Lastly, just for those of you who have been here over the life of the blog, I came across Song of the Whale. Remember her? A full description is on the Marine Conservatory web site. Well, she is currently at home and not scudding around the South Atlantic.