It’s the Jubilee! Day 2 Blow your horn!

After a wonderful day yesterday when the Trooping of the Colour showed everyone what this country stands for, we had a day for reflection with the event at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Much quieter over here so I took a roll around the Waterfront to see how everyone was celebrating.

Well, first off, nothing to do with the Jubilee but great fun to watch. Here is a girl showing off her skills, not just as a roller skater but also as a juggler. This was in the skater’s regular haunt outside The Cult café. This is in two parts. She changed clothing after I left on my way out so the 2nd half is on my way back home.

Having been diverted from my task, I finally moved on. First off, there was an arranged event at 12.00 where the boats in the Waterfront would blow their horns etc. For some reason my camera didn’t do what I wanted so this is a bit sparse. Anyway, it gives an idea of the event.

How bad is that?

The trouble le is that I only found out when I got home, however, even if I had known, the event was over so I couldn’t do a rerun 🙁

From there I rolled around up to the Customs House and got some images of how the residents and businesses of the Waterfront were celebrating the Jubilee. Here we go.

I used my camera facility to burst 15 shots to get the flag flying out.
Lots of boats had bunting up.
Some apartments as well.
Good old Isaacs always has a show
More boat bunting
This is up Wherry Lane
Another apartment. This time over Wiff Waff
This is across to The Last Anchor restaurant
I popped out to Star Lane for this one – always a bit of a mystery.
To finish off – the Union Jack at Neptune Marina

Well, that is it. I hope that you enjoyed the trip on a very special day.

It’s the Jubilee! Day 1 Street Party

70 years on and I can still remember watching the Coronation on a neighbour’s small black and white TV with most of the other children in the street! Mind you, it did prompt my Dad to buy our first tele so that was good.

On the first day of the celebrations Alan – of Orwell Quay Residents fame – organised a “street party” on the podium of the apartment complex. Not the largest gathering but we all had a good drink, nice party food and pleasant conversation.

Nice to see Elizabeth, our local councillor joining in the fun!
Sue is having a good time
Note there Victyorta sponge – it was excellent!

All in all, we had a good time. Lots of friendly conversation and memories of past Jubilees.

One last memory from me – at the Silver Jubilee, in 1977, we were at my mother-in-law’s house in Rise Park, Romford. There was a street party organised on the green at the top of Garry Way. There was a marquee, which was just as well as it poured with rain (I remember the organ from the band getting soaked when a large puddle on the roof came in!). The big feature was a children’s hat competition. My two eldest – Samantha and Simon both were entered and Samantha won with a hat based on “four and twenty blackbirds”.

Grafitti – again!

When I did the last lot of graffiti I didn’t get as far as Stoke Bridge so I missed the new murals that have been put up, plus, I didn’t go round the corner to St. Peter’s Church. Since then, the new murals have been picked up by the Ipswich Star where they have covered the painting and displaying by over 100 children on the walls along that end of the Waterfront.

If you right click and choose “Open image in new tab” or something similar, you will see the chosen image much larger. You may have to reduce the image to see it properly! (Command + or – on a Mac, Control + or – on Windows).

I then walked along to the end and turned towards the church. Here is an interesting brick wall. I wonder how old it is?

I then walked around along towards the church to find some older, less distinct graffiti.

The whole brick wall around this end of the temporary car park next to the Paul building is not in a good state of repair but would seem to be quite old.

From here, I found that St. Peter’s Church was open but that’s another story.

The night sky on Wednesday

I have a lot of ideas ready to go for posts to this blog but then something comes along to make me “hold the presses”. This time it is the night sky. I have previously posted sunsets but they were all a long time ago. I felt that it was time to show off our special sunsets on the waterfront.

Firstly, look how the front of the apartments in Anchor Street are shining in the glare.

Now, have a look at the view from our balcony at 10 past 9 last night. We are very lucky to have such views.

Cars, dance and seagulls

I posted a photo the other day of a nice 1960s US saloon car. When I was out and about yesterday I came across these two parked up on the Waterfront and, being a nice glowing orange and unusual, I decided that your all needed to see them! First up is a nice BMW Z3 on an S plate which makes it dated from around 1998-1999.

The other car is a very smart Porsche 718 Cayman T. This one is only a couple of years old but is a wonder to look at.

I had made a trip round to St. Peter’s street – more on that in a later blog. On the way back it started to rain, which is not good news in a wheelchair so I ducked into the Dance East Café for a little respite. (Note~: this photo was taken at the Fun Run so isn’t the café in the rain!).

I had never been any further than the café before so, after my coffee I wandered in further.

Lastly, before it rained, I was watching some seagulls. I thought that I would try my new camera’s facility to focus on birds. This was taken from across the water to the Island so was quite a stretch for my lens. I think it shows what the quality is for modern digital camera systems.

This is the original so you can see how well it has been enlarged.

That’s all for now. Lots more to come.

Miscellany – photography, etc.

OK, so I have been a Canon fan for many years but long before that, in the good old days of film, I was an Olympus nut and, in fact was an early user of the Olympus digital “four thirds” system. Recently, as I have mentioned, I swapped the Canon 90D digital SLR, that I rashly bought last year, for an Olympus OM-D EM Mk.III (snappy name!). This Olympus is a 20mp camera with a 12-45mm zoom lens (24-90mm equivalent on a full frame camera) and differs from the Canon in that it is “mirrorless”. This means that it doesn’t have a mirror as in an SLR (single lens reflex) to let you see what you are shooting through the viewfinder but a digital image so no mirror is required.

It is a really neat and compact camera which makes it easy on my poor arthritic hands.

So — I am out and about on Thursday up and down the waterfront doing a bit of fabric shopping and some photography when I get stopped by a couple leaning on the barriers near the Salthouse hotel. The gentleman says to me – isn’t it great to see someone still using one of the old cameras. This made me chuckle so I carefully explained to him that it has been designed to look like an old film Olympus OM-1 but, of course, is actually a fully featured digital camera. He was quite disappointed as he was a photographer himself and thought he had seen what he said. I did point out to him that I do go out and about with a Canon EOS650 film camera and develop my own films in black and white.

He was so pleased with our conversation that he insisted on taking a photo of me so here I am, in my wheelchair – a sight not to be seen too often here.

I said that I would provide an e-mail address as that is lacking on the “business” card that I hand out so here goes – Long Haired David.

OK, that’s out of the way now let’s see what little things have been happening. Firstly, the flower displays have been put together on the podium and elsewhere. These normally become really great displays. At the moment, they are just coming into life.

Secondly, I managed to get an explanation for something that had been bothering me for years. On a fairly regular basis we get a fire engine down on the waterfront. They reverse up and dip hoses into the water. We always assumed that they were emptying their tank so they could be refreshed but that didn’t make a lot of sense. Yesterday afternoon, I was out and about when they were here so, as usual, I rolled up and simply asked one of them what they were doing. (I have found that, if you ask nicely, any workman is happy to tell you what they are doing and most are pleased to be asked.)

Well, it seems that they don’t have any open water at the station so, to practice getting water in that fashion, they come down here to practice and to make sure that the equipment is all in top notch condition. I remember, quite a few years ago when we were living in Tuddeham St. Martin, the thatched house at the top of the hill going out towards Ipswich caught fire. The Fire Brigade had to use the water in the swimming pool to compliment the water in the appliances. Thinking back, their coming to the Waterfront makes a lot of sense.

Suntis on Eagle Wharf

It’s that time again! Every so often, Anglo-Norden (AN) unload Suntis from Eagle Wharf rather than down on Helena Road. As I understand it, they have to use this bit of the wharf on occasion or they will lose it. They normally have it fenced off to keep it their own but this big effort has to take place once every – well not sure but it must be about 2 years since they did it last time.

First off they close up all the roadway from Patteson Road down to the barriers by the Aurora. Then they put up barriers to keep a pedestrian walkway along. In the process, they close off the Aurora car park. Fortunately, it was on a Monday and Tuesday, both days when the Aurora is closed. As you can see, there were a few cars caught up in this having parked along the waterfront but AN do let them out as needed.

There isn’t a lot to say about it other than it is happening a different location so I will let the video and the photos speak for themselves. Note the big thumbs up from the fork-lift driver! I did speak to one of them but, as on the last occasion this happened, he was just following instructions and hadn’t been told why it was different from usual.

Thumbs Up!

Ipswich Twilight Races

Strangely named for races that were predominantly during the afternoon of last Saturday but Twilight Races it is.

I was quite excited because the route was down Helena Road to Ship Launch Road and then over the Lock and round the back of the island. I was working on the basis that I would be able to, at least get on the lock even if I couldn’t get round the rest of the route. However, Jobsworth came into play. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that for “security” reasons wheelchairs were not allowed. Security? Didn’t he mean the dreaded “elf” as in Elf and Safety? No – security, so that was that. My cunning plan ruined.

This is the start for the children’s race outside our block of apartments

These were sprinkled around.

This is where everything was to end.

I was surprised to see the Suffolk Samba group up and ready for action when I got round to the Customs House. Here is the ever usual “group hug” before they started.

Off we go.
The band is just percussion.
They all seem to love doing it.

Now Enjoy the music.

A bit more practice, do you think?
This is the gates where they will come out from the Island. I have left out the “officials” who were eying me in case I dared to try and go through!
Now we are round from Stoke Quay. There weren’t many runners that I saw at this point.

This must come as a relief!

Finally over.

As a wrap up, I had a problem that shook me a bit and two events that got me liking people again.

First off, I tried to go up the curb just beyond the University and one of my front tyres came off. I had a go at fitting it back but it was to tough for me. However, what happened was I put my wheelchair on its side and tried to fix it. I had to give up as it was too tough. However, with all the people walking past, not one of them stopped and offered to help!

Secondly, I stopped at Paddy & Scotts at the Uni for a coffee and a cake. One of the staff led me in and made sure I was comfortable. I then found out that they gave me my latte for free! Very nice.

Lastly, I got back to the Apartment block when I remembered seeing a sign back at the Cult. Waterfront Bikes had a sign saying that for £25 they would do a full service on “your” bike. So, cheekily, I went back and asked if they could fix me wheel. He got out a big screwdriver and after a lot of huffing and puffing it was done. Would he take any money – No!

So my faith in human kind had been restored.

Just a few boats

I was walking (well riding) along the Waterfront today on my regular trip to Aqua Pharmacy so I took a few photos in the sunshine.

This one is up on stilts over on the Island.
This one has been here for a long while§.
Wild Dragon II has been around for a long while but not normally at this berth,
Fenland is an old favourite. It has even appeared on the Michael Portillo TV show!
Now, this is a mystery. It was here when we arrived 10 years ago, disappeared for a while and then came back. It had a problem with seagull ingress, I seem to remember.
I have not see this one before – Lista Light – a Norwegian Ketch
Not a boat (obviously) but it is good to see the Waterfront Bike Project open again.

What’s next? We have the Ipswich Twilight Races on Saturday. I am hoping to get around over the Lock bridge and round the Island – somewhere I have never been able to get to before. See you then.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen them, I have produced a pack of business cards for the blog.

I have a good supply so if any of you can think of a way to use them to promote the blog then please contact me (