Spring activities getting underway

First off,  there has been some outside activity at Spirit Yachts for the first time this year (thatI have seen). here they are putting the mast into a new boat.


Then we saw it going out on a test


That seems to be a great way to make a living!

Next, we have had some sad news regarding the Wet Dock swans. If you remember, I mentioned that the pair seem to be much more accommodating this year when it comes to Canadian Geese using the Wet Dock. In fact,we have found out, courtesy of David Jay on Trimilea, that there has been some bad news regarding our swans. If you missed his comment made recently, it said this:

“Our female resident swan had her neck broken by b*****d yobs last year and our male resident had to back taken to a sanctuary in December having suffered neck damage. The two swans seen recently are new to the marina.”

That is very sad news. The new arrivals, however, are settling in – ignoring Suntis:



Suntis, as usual, has come and gone. It went out at about 8.30 on Tuesday.


No matter how many times I see it happen, I am always impressed with the way that they take such a large boat out through the lock, backwards and in the dark.




Contrasting Skys

It always fascinates me how fast the sky changes as we get closer to sundown. These two images were taken on Friday evening and just 13 minutes apart.

I was nearly going to call this entry – “Some Contrails and Cranes’ but…


4 Patteson Road, Ipswich - England, United Kingdom

The second shot is an iPhone panorama.

Lastly, for Friday, there was a flock of seagulls nestling down for the evening on Anglo-Norden’s roof.


My friend, Dan took a shot of some seagulls recently in Great River Park in East Hartford, Connecticut:

He mentioned how noisy they were. Well, all I can say is, you should be here at 6am. There are so many seagulls, the noise is deafening if you have the window open. Photo (c) 2014 and courtesy of Dan Antion.

What a contrast – it all depends on which direction that you look

It is Suntis time again and she arrived in the commercial dock sometime this morning. I wanted to take a photo of her sitting in the dock, before she comes through the lock. I took the image, because I am lazy, from the hobby room window. However, when I looked at the image, it looked a bit odd. Hence, I went out onto the balcony to check – took a second – and was so amazed that I took a third image looking down the Marina towards town. These two photos were taken within 1 minute of each other and on the same camera settings!



No there is nothing wrong with the camera – it was just how misty it was looking towards the sea.

BTW, Suntis came through the lock around 4pm ready for an early start tomorrow.


Our day out on Saturday

I get involved in some strange hobbies. Currently, I am making a 1/48th scale model of a Danish Airforce F-16, sewing a tapestry spectacle case for my wife and learning to play the Soprano Saxophone. I have a plan to make a patchwork bed cover for our bed and, thus, went to Duxford – the Imperial War Museum Airfield in Cambridgeshire – on Saturday. There was a Quilting show on there so I went to get some of the tools I need plus some material for a test. However, I am mad keen on aircraft and couldn’t resist these two shots, taken from the refreshment area. The show took place in the Conservation Hall.






Have the swans given in?

All last year, the two swans that live in the Wet Dock were extremely careful to refuse lodging to any Canadian geese that found their way in. The two swans came back a few days ago (I have yet to get any decent shots of them). However, over the last couple of days, we have noticed that these two geese seem to have taken up residence with no reaction from the swans.

Is this the start of a more accommodating attitude?


Very high tide today

We have seen some high tides recently but we haven’t ever seen it go over the dock edge around us. Fortunately, that is still below the road level so it was only a tiny amount of flood.





We had a drive round onto the island on our way back from the station this afternoon. I managed to get a shot of the boats lined up out of the water – for the winter.


The whole island area if full of laid up boats like this waiting for the spring to really arrive – yesterday was supposed to be the first day of spring but reality says that it will be a few weeks yet!

Lastly, as we went around, I managed to get a shot of HMC Seeker betted outside the Uni. I don’t normally see these from the other side.


It was a very grey day but that is better than driving rain and high winds. Mind you, we went across the Orwell Bridge a little later and it was distinctly gusting up there.