A few shots from the other side of the Wet Dock – on the Island

We wandered around onto the island today and took a few shots across to our side of the Waterfront. I is difficult to get any clear shots.

wblog 034 (1)


wblog 038 (1)


While I was over there, I check up on Nicola Ann the fishing boat. I spoke to the owner. It is having a regular bottom scrape and a coat of paint, as I expected.

wblog 035 (1)

This is a big boat when you get underneath it!

Were we in a good place to watch the fireworks?

They went off at 9pm on Sunday. We had some of the family round to watch. Not much more to say – watch the video.

I learned something from this and that is that the camera cannot focus on fireworks! What I should have done is set the lens to manual focus and set it to infinity. That way I would have stopped the hunting for focus and ensured that it was much sharper. To quote one of my favourite television programs – “I learn, Mr. Fawlty, I learn”.