Street Photography

I went out this morning, into a 75f day, to take some photos for this blog. As not much is happening at the moments I thought that I would try some “street photography”. This, as I understand it, is just taking the natural view of the street, or in this case the Waterfront. Right, without comment, here goes:


What do you think? More of these? They are numbered so tell me which ones you like and which ones you don’t!

One of those days

That you get now and then…

When I just wander around and tell you about the little things.

First off, they are replacing a lot of panels in the ceiling and then sealing them all up with some “intumescent” sealant. All part of the big push to protect the building from fire. It seems that the work that has been done over the last couple of years hasn’t been to the right standard so we are off again. This time it needs both Fire and Building Control approval from Ipswich Borough Council before they close anything up. Maybe this time is the right time? Anyway, we haven’t seen panels like these ones before so maybe they are the right ones.

Also, I am somewhat confused as they are working on 210’s front door. 210 is the mirror of our apartment. I did take a picture but first off it was a bad case of builder bum and secondly it was out of focus. Teaches me not to rely on my phone but to take my camera with me everywhere I go. He told me that he wasn’t replacing the door, but refitting it and replacing all the surrounds to include some more “intumescent” sealant. (I am beginning to be able to type that word without thinking!). I asked about replacing keys and he said No. So, I am confused because we were quite clearly told a couple of weeks ago that we were having a new door and new keys. They even said that they would do the same to the cupboard next door where I store my wheelchair. Oh well, we shall see.

Now back to the Waterfront.

Another Owl has arrived.

My wife, Valerie, has noticed building materials being sent along the Waterfront so asked me to check out what was going on. Nothing much; just some paving stones being relaid by the looks of it.

Three boats worthy of mention. First up is Fenland. This has been a stalwart of the Waterfront since we have lived here – 10 years in August – but it has been missing for a few months. It is nice to see it back again.

Next up is a “mini” Thames Barge. She is known as a “half sized” barge. She is a lovely little thing and sits below the Quayside here. I couldn’t get a shot of her as she is too low. As it was, I had to get under the quayside chain fence to get a picture of the rear.

Following on from my recent post about “Bob”s here is a shot of Blackthorn’s. Again, not as good as usual because it is a highly enlarged phone image.

Lastly, I was ignoring one of our normal residents and suddenly realised that it was a newcomer. H.M.S. Trumpeter is normally here in its berth. As it says on the RN web site “HMS Trumpeter is an Archer-class patrol vessel attached to the Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit (URNU). Her role is to provide Officer Cadets with the skills and attributes they need for a career in the Royal Navy.” On a second look, I realised that it wasn’t Trumpeter but H.M.S. Express – one from the same class.

This is what the website says “HMS EXPRESS is one of the 14 Archer-class patrol vessels that form the Coastal Forces Squadron. Versatile and able to operate in confined waters she conducts many roles including Maritime Security, Support to NATO Operations and assisting in the training of future Warfare Officers of the Royal Navy.” She is normally berthed in Penarth Marina, Cardiff Bay. I wonder what she is doing so far from home. Trumpeter is currently off Ramsgate, out of interest.

Well, that’s it for today. Let me know if you found this of interest.

Bibs and Bobs

First up, as you must know, there is an issue with our apartment block complex with regard to fire safety. It seems that none of the buildings meet even the old fire regulations, let alone the new ones. As a result, all of the outer cladding has to be removed and new fire insulation installed. It also seems to require the walls clad in timber to be sprayed with fire resistant coatings.

This is, currently, all in the future as various technical and bureaucratic processes need to be resolved. However, they are starting work on one “small” part of the process. They (whomsoever they are) have decided that all of the interior/exterior doors need replacing. Interior/exterior means all the doors in the public areas so all of the apartment front doors and, it seems, all of the cupboard doors. Anyway, it all kicks off next Monday to an estimated tune of £2,000,000. Yep that is right – two million smackers!

To do the work the contractors need somewhere to keep their tools and to have the ubiquitous portable toilets. They have taken over some of the visitors parking in Maude Street, as though we are all ready short of parking as it is!

That’s the “bibs” bit, now to the “bobs”

For the un initiated, a Bob is the flag that flies at the top of the main mast on every Thames Barge. When we lived up on the 4th floor on the front of the block we had a little book about these boats and ticked them off one at a time as the came and went in the Wet Dock. We don’t see so many lately so I will have to be content with showing you three.




I will show more as they arrive.

Owls and things

I mentioned about the owls in the last post but that was just the one alongside our apartment complex. Today, I went for a run, in my wheelchair all around the Waterfront and over to the Island. My aim was to shoot off a roll of black and white “traditional” 35mm film using my old Canon EOS650. However, on the way, I found lots to record for the blog including a good few of the owls that are sprinkled around the Waterfront. The B&W film will have to wait until I have developed and scanned it (along with a roll that I shot at Holywells Park last week). I will put a link up here when they are ready.

In the meantime, let us have a look as some of the owls that have turned up around here.

As you can see – outside Ashtons solicitors
Across on the Island outside the “Last Anchor”
Outside the Old Customs House
Issac Lord
Outside The Hold (there was a post in the way so no straight on shot)
Three “mini-owls” inside The Hold
Outside the University

OK, so that is all the Owls that I could find. Being nearly out of power, I headed for home but not before having a coffee in Paddy & Scotts and popping round to Tesco’s for a bag of chips (as instructed!).

I did take some more photos mainly to back up my B&W themed shooting but there was one left over that deserves a showing here and that was on the open area behind the Cult Café. I am not sure when this is happening but there is a major event coming.

This, obviously, unwrapped from the back of a lorry – impressive. I am sure that we will hear this when it takes place!

Summer Solstice – plus

This was supposed to be a post just about the longest day of the year but we had a fairly heavy storm on Sunday night – lots of thunder, lightning and heavy rain so I thought that I would show you what it looked like from our balcony around 9.20pm.

It was strange that, one hour or so later, the storm was with us!

OK, well today is the longest day of the year and it is absolutely wonderful. There are blue skies and it is 67f (19c) so a perfect midsummer day. Too perfect, actually, to be ruined by this:

Yes, we have Suntis back with all of the disruption and noise from them using Eagle Wharf again for their unloading. Never mind, wandering further down the waterfront and you get this:

Yes, the Owls are upon us. The whole town is being presented with Owls that are sponsored by various businesses and in aid of a range of charities. My daughter owns Willow Park Montessori Nursery School who are sponsoring a “Little Hoot”

Wandering on, today is a great day for shooting images across the water as the sky is blue and so is the water!

Finally, on my way to the Aqua Pharmacy (a regular trip!) and Tescos (even more regular!!!) I came across a grassy area around the back of the Cult Café which seems to be being left to “wild”.

A regular reminder – you can “right click” on any image to see a larger version in a new tab or window (depends upon your browser options).

Gay Pride 2022

Saturday was a day for celebration of Gay Pride in Ipswich. There was a long parade from Dance East. down to the Cult Café. I had some trouble with “media” photographers feeling that their needs were greater than mine but I did manage to get a nice set of images. It is very nice how people, if you ask them, will pose for you not knowing that they will ever see the photo. I did hand out lots of Ipswich Waterfront `blog contact cards so maybe they will see them after all.

Anyway, first up is the video I took of the parade starting.

Now we have a gallery of images of some of the people that made a special effort for the day.

There were lots of organisations here to support the parade on the day. Here are some of them.

Finally, I went round to the University car park where there was a gathering of lots of stalls representing the local institutions or gay pride vendors.

I was quite surprised. I expected to feel excluded but, actually, I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and making sure that they enjoyed the day. Those I ask to pose were happy to do so and didn’t even mind having a card forced (!) on them. Hopefully, this will result in some more hits on the blog.

Don’t forget that you can see any image larger by right clicking and opening on a new tab/page. Please tell all your friends and relations about the blog. I don’t get any money for this so it is a labour of love.


P.S. You can get me at david at (replace the ” a ” with @

A shot of colour on a Thursday evening

I was on my way to the Bella Napoli to pick up a couple of pizzas along with my camera. I had my camera because I hope to do an entry about ‘bobs’; i.e. the flags on the masthead of each Thames barge. Thistle is still here so I thought that I would grab its one.

However, after taking the required photos I notice a vision in colour, roller skating around outside the Cult Café. I asked if I could take some photos and there was a ready agreement. How about this then!

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask any names. On the way back we had a short discussion:

me: Can I ask a rude question?

vision: Depends on how rude!

Me: are you dressed like this in preparation for the Gay Pride parade?

vision: I will be there but I dress like this all year round!

I was left a bit amazed at that but what a wonderful attitude. I did take one more “ad hoc” photo though.

Just a sunny Wednesday morning

It’s a usual sunny day for Summer on the Waterfront. Just ideal for a trip out to Tesco for some milk! Well, it give me an excuse to take my camera out and see what is happening – there is generally something.

OK,so my wife tells me that the flowers on the podium are really lovely now as they are coming into full bloom. Is that a hint to go and have a look? ‘Course it is!

I then wandered down onto the Quay. It’s such a lovely day that I can’t resist a view down to the lock against a bright blue sky.

Unusually, we have a Thames Barge visitor. Thistle is an infrequent visitor to the Wet Dock. Today, it is waiting to go out with a group of passengers all having a good chat.

I saw it leave a few minutes after I got back from my little trip.

I was quite surprised to see a whole host of chalk drawings on the floor outside The Cult café. These seem to have been drawn by The Woodcraft Folk. Now, I was a member of these for a short time way back in my childhood in Streatham, South London. I had no idea that they were still around. Anyway, the drawings all seem to be celebrating the forthcoming Gay Pride weekend!

I went on round to Tesco for my milk and flowers. I got back in time to see Thistle leaving but I was slow with my camera so that was missed.

We have two events this weekend. Firstly there is the Gay Pride parade on Saturday morning and the Transport Museum is having its annual open day where all the local clubs open up their doors. I will be going to the IPMS Ipswich Model Show (scale plastic models) after the parade.

Dragon Boat Racing

The wet dock was the home of Dragon Boat racing for the first time for three years. I spent quite a lot of time over the day making sure that I covered all the activities. I will use mostly photos as they are pretty self explicit.

Each team had their own gazebo.
Bacon butties were a favourite
This is a list of all the competitors and a record of their times. Everything was based on timings.
Ipswich Buses had a team and were a sponsor
Some teams dressed up for the occasion.
First one off the block.
Ready to go.
At full speed.

Here is a composite video of a couple of races. I hope that the drummer for boat 4 learned to go a bit faster!

Quote from the commentator over the loudspeakers – “that’s a big boat’.
He is obviously not used to Thames barge Victor going back and forth.
This was the safety boat always in attendance (with an official photographer on board!).
Getting off the boats at then of each heat.
The results were on show for everyone to see. I bet that Corbel were impressed with their time!
Just a panorama of the crowd

I went back down for the final race which was the fastest four teams competing against each other. It was rather crowded so I apologise for some of the angles!

The winners

The event was won by the George Baker Shipping team from Felixstowe with Ipswich Buses’ team second and FTC Gym in  third place.

All in all it was a great day and showed what a perfect place that the Waterfront is.