A windy day

I did a roll around to see how the wind was affecting things. There were quite a few people strolling up and down for a breath (ha!) of fresh air. The Aurora looked busy. Oh, and the wind was blowing! First off, we have couple of regular visitors.

First up was Alert.

Then we had the Border Force cutter Valiant. I might be wrong but Valiant seems to be missing the water canon that was on the fore deck?

It was extremely windy. I thought I would take a video of the seagulls as they do seem to enjoy flying in this type of weather. However, by the time I got the camera ready they had all gone. Nonetheless here is some idea of how windy it was.

Lastly, I went back home via the Podium and took a panorama shot of the scaffolding, which is nearly complete across the face of all three Anchor Street blocks. If you look carefully, you can see that the main face of No. 1 is now wrapped.

One thought on “A windy day”

  1. Amazing how close the public are allowed near these vessels-here in Aus we are no longer allowed near without a security pass!!! A result of 9/11

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