Waterfront miscellany 2024

Nothing much going on along the Waterfront. I had to roll down to Fore Street post office so took a few pictures.

First off, Fairline was having a delivery of a new boat.

I bet that this caused some blockages along the A14! Next up, I noticed that part of the chain fencing has come down. I hope that they fix this before someone goes in the water.

What with all the scaffolding going on around Orwell Quay, it is interesting to see that they have some on the front of the Salthouse hotel, although I think that this is for cleaning rather than anything else.

Finally, it is interesting to see that the first of the wrapping is going up on Anchor Street.

I say “finally” but there is one more piece of information. I bumped into the Cadent guys round near Isaacs. It is nice that they have finished in our road but they tell me that the Duke Street work is being held up by some scaffolding on the new building close to Tesco. It seems that they hoped to start work in February but it may be March before it happens. I can’t wait for the chaos that this is going to cause!

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