Paving and lifts

The Gas people have come back and taken up the concrete filling that they used temporarily.

I assume that they now have some blocks available and awaiting the team to relay them.

Whilst there, I noticed that one of the bollards that are supposed to be up all the time (and dropped using a key is what used to happen) has been hit and is at a jaunty angle.

Perhaps, one day, we will get back to having the all blocked off and the bollards dropped on special occasions – fun fairs, fire brigade etc. Probably too much to ask.

It is interesting to note how the current scaffolders differ in their approach to the previous ones. Here is the current state of play on Anchor Street. No sign of wrapping yet!

Lastly, an ongoing problem in Capstan House. Looking at my outgoing e-mails, I have been contacting EWS since at least the beginning of December, if not earlier, complaining that the left had lift is faulty. They keep getting the engineers in but the fault never goes away. According to them, t he engineers were in yesterday and fixed the fault that we had over Christmas – only one lift was working throughout the week. Here is a little video of the current problem – which is the same one we had back at the beginning of December. Make sure that you have your sound up load to here the problem.

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