Capstan House is free of everything!

Well, it has been over a year since the scaffolding went up. Also, we were wrapped in just after Christmas 2022. The last job was to replace the soffits under the 1st floor of Capstan and re-render everything. This has now been done so the last vestiges of the work have been taken away.

This will please my wife as it will make it much easier to get my Mother-in-law round to the Aurora. It is great to see the last of the parking closures have been taken away as well.

Nice to see that there are already cars parked there. The last bit to go is the Carters storage area on the Waterfront. This, sometimes, made it difficult for me to photograph any boat that moored up there. It looks a lot tidier as well.

The Aurora should benefit from all these changes. Mind you, I am not sure how well the new parking restrictions in their car park will go down. It only needs one “real” customer to get a parking fine!

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