A wet day on the Waterfront

I had a little trip up to Tesco and back via Aqua Pharmacy. First off, it was nice to see that Aqua Pharmacy was now cleared of all the scaffolding. I spoke to Sharon, from there, and she was as surprised as I was when it happened.

I then rolled around to the Waterfront to find that the weather had turned. It was now raining – that very fine rain that gets under the skin and makes you cold. The sun was shining through the clouds though.

As I was coming down toward the Aurora, I saw Andy from Carters so I was able to check a few things out with him. Firstly, I wondered whether the Anchor Street blocks were going to be wrapped as they would normally have started that by now. It appears that the design has to be approved so it will happen soon. Secondly, I wondered why the storage area that they have on the quay was shrinking as they still needed some storage for the new work.

It seems that they are not using this area for Anchor Street but have obtained a storage unit on Cliff Quay so our area of the Waterfront will be opened up again. This area has caused me some troubles trying to get photos of boats that have tied up alongside that area so now I shouldn’t have that trouble.

Up into the Podium, I was able to check out the access ramps from this side after trying to come up the sloped one a few days ago. This is now well and truly blocked.

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