Cranes and Shoes

Well, you may remember when they were putting the scaffolding up on No. 7 that they needed a special crane to lift the support over the doorway. There was only one crane available that could stretch across and still lift the girder that they needed. Well, that crane came from a Colchester company but the vehicle, I noticed, had a German registration plate. It seems that it was brand new and the UK company had bought it in from Germany but had not had enough time to re-register it. Well, it was needed again last week as the girder needed putting back. Here is a photo of the vehicle. Notice that it now has a UK registration.

Back to old times. I have had a new car since August and every time I have taken it out, I have put it back in the underground car park – until last Wednesday when there were spaces on the Waterfront so I left it there. Guess what. It snowed. So my car was fully iced up! Typical luck. Anyway, looking around in Patteson Road and parking is getting back to normal. However, I wonder what these were doing left on the pavement?

If they are yours then dash round and secure them as they won’t be there long – grin.

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