As some goes down, some go up!

No. 7 is very nearly clear of scaffolding. The big girder across the doorway was removed earlier in the week. I missed the event which had the huge German built crane back as it is the only thing that can stretch that far and still lift. Andy Knight got a photo and I hope he can share it with me but I haven’t had it yet.

The scaffolding is going up quickly on Anchor Street – the buildings have less floors. here is where we are currently with No. 1.

As you can see, we had a sprinkling of snow overnight. Funny story – I got a new car about 2 1/2 months ago and every time I have finished with it, I have put it in the underground car park. That is, until Wednesday lunchtime when the west side of Capstan was empty of cars so, for the first time, I parked it out front. What happens? It snows and my car is all iced up when I want to go out this morning!

Lastly, I might have mentioned that I have sold my Olympus Mirrorless camera and extra lens as the whole lot was getting almost no usage now that I can’t get to my scale plastic model club in Clacton – my mother-in-law is with us and has difficulty walking so I am needed to help her at bedtime! As my mobile was coming up for renewal, I used some of the money to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy to an Apple iPhone 15 max. This gives me a 48mp camera and a 10x optical zoom. That’s right a 10x optical zoom. Here is my first test. I am sitting in my living room in the block down by the wood yard and this is an image taken of the Winerack which is way down over beyond the Old Customs House. As the crow flies, the Winerack is 1km (1090 yards) from us. This is very good. I think that I will not be hampered without my old camera.

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