Not quite what we wanted

Yesterday, I wrote about Cadent replacing the blocks outside the Aurora – “They started relaying the blocks here but it seems to have stalled as we haven’t seen any action for a couple of weeks.” Maybe I prompted them into action. If so, then they haven’t done it correctly.

It seems that they might have run out of the correct granite blocks. Now, I have to be careful because I always say that my job is to report and not comment but looking at the result today, with some prompting from others, I have to say they have not done a good job. As they seem to be missing the blocks, they have just filled in the block paving with concrete.

Best of all, we had a street lamp here. What we have now is just a pole with nothing on the top.

It may be that these are just temporary fixes – we can hope – but if I see Martin from Cadent I will ask him about it.

Secondly, work is starting on the tiles on Anchor Street. They are working across at ground level while the scaffolding is going up.

2 thoughts on “Not quite what we wanted”

  1. Hi everyone, Cadent have had to order some replacement blocks to replace some that were chipped. They are doing interim repairs and will come back and replace with them as soon as the special delivery arrives.

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