A Bright Winter’s Day

I had to go up to Fore Street Post Office to post a birthday card. They have a 5pm collection there, unlike the post box outside Tesco in Duke Street. It is a lovely sunny day, if a bit cold. My hands get cold so I must remember to wear my gloves next time.

As I left the Podium it occurred to me that I don’t talk about 7 Anchor Street. They have been wrapped like us and deserve some coverage. So here it is.

As I got up to the University I was pleased to see that they have erected the Christmas Tree again. I don’t think that it will be lit yet, though.

On my way back, I had to go to Aqua Pharmacy in Duke Street. I haven’t really covered what is going on with the University buildings, which have a cladding issue as well as us.

Some of their work is being carried out using lifters (not sure what the correct term is).

Once I had bought my cake in Tesco, I rode on round down Patteson Road, which is now open at both end although I thought that the date for Cadent to finish was firstly the 26th October, then the end of October and then 6th November. I haven’t seen the boss – Martin – for a few weeks but when I see him, I will get an update. Anyway, I wanted to update the blog regarding Anchor Street so here we go.

First off, they are working on the west – or Podium – side. They are digging some big holes to get to sold ground for the scaffolding.

They are starting on the main scaffolding.

Round on Anchor Street itself, they are working their way down the road and round into Patteson Road.

Coming back to our block, we are pretty much free of scaffolding now – at last.

I have some questions for Steve or Andy when I see them – mainly as to what is to happen about the brickwork on Anchor Street. Taking that off and putting it back would be a big task. More when I bump into them.

Lastly, I went to the “meet the neighbours” last week. It was good to chat to everyone. I can recommend going to the next one.

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