Progress on clearing 51 Patteson Road

We have even more daylight from the apartment. We expect to be clear sometime today or early tomorrow.

Our apartment in the one directly above the Carter’s offices. Ours is the one on the right of the pair.

Also, you can see how they are getting on around the Podium entrance.

The scaffolding in the car park is now gone for 51 whilst the new people are starting to fit out the more easterly end of the underground car park ready to support the scaffolding for Anchor Street.

Quite why they have chosen scaffolding firms that are far away is a mystery when there must be good firms here in Ipswich. Apex, who do 51 and 7, come down from Lowestoft every day whilst the new people are based in Bury St. Edmunds. No slur meant as the people from Apex are very good and pleasant to talk to. The only guy I have spoken to from the new company travels down from Bungay each day!

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