An average day on the Waterfront

There are two regular ships in the Wet Dock. First off is Queen Galadriel. She is a bit low in the water, though.

The second on is an old favourite – HMC Seeker.

Then we have the graduation tents that are built on the University car park ready for the big day.

Keeping on with the University, there is a lot of working with regard to the cladding issues. Here is the back wall of the student accommodation. See, it can strike anywhere!

They are working on these facades using lifts rather than scaffolding.

Lastly, we are back to two nice cafés now that the Cult has re-opened as The Mix.

Don’t forget that A Lister at Aurora are now open from 10 am and from 16th will be open seven days a week. They will be shortly opening a residents “rewards” system, once their tills get updated. Just another reason to pop there for a coffee.

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