Ipswich Weekender – all the fun of the fair

The fun fair arrived on Friday evening for the weekend. It was a joint venture with the University so the Uni car park was added to the available space give lots of room for people to sit and enjoy the facilities which included the fun fair, a stage and lots of food stalls.

First off, we have the fun of the fair.

Lastly, the Dodgems – which was new for this year.

There was a very good selection of food stalls which were all being well attended.

Plus the inevitable Ice Cream van, which didn’t seem to have too many customers.

There was a full compliment of emergency services to ensure that all bases were covered.

Lastly, there was a sound stage set up in the Uni car park. If you like country music this set was for you.

The A Listers at the Aurora and the new Mix café were both very busy as well. All in all, it was very well attended. It seems that there is going to be another Weekender in December but I am not sure about the format of that one.

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