Wrapping, big wheel and Seahorse

We had a trip down to Felixstowe in our new car on Monday so I took advantage of that to get some shots of the new big wheel on the sea front down there. It isn’t permanent, I think it goes in October.

On the way back, as we crested the hill just before Cliff Lane and noticed that something had changed with the wrapping. Next day, I went down to have a proper look and this is what I saw.

So the scaffolding is starting to come down. Hooray! Notice the people enjoying the view from their balcony!

On the way back from there, I saw that an old favourite was in the Wet Dock. Unfortunately, it had cars parked in from so this is the best shot that I could get. It is UKD Seahorse – a dredger. They have to dredge parts of the Port to keep it fully navigable so it comes in occasionally.

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