So the Gas Main works begin

I had a nice chat with the people from Cadent who are starting some major works around us which are expected to last until October! Here is the current sign at the bottom of Patteson Road.

They are currently digging around the area that they were working on recently. As I mentioned last time, the pipes under our roads are Victorian/Edwardian and are to be replaced with new construction which should last …

I would refer you back to “Do I Smell Gas” where I was talking about the previous visit that we had back in March where they had the following hole dug up.

Whilst speaking to the Customer Service people from Cadent and the site manager – Martin – I am told that I will get some updates to pass on here.

It is going to be tricky with all the road closures and it is a bit of a bother considering that no-one in our block or Anchor Street has gas anyway. But there we are. As said in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (albeit about local councils) “you have to build bypasses” which could easily apply to these circumstances – smile.

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