A sunny day in Ipswich Town

Just the day for a wander around but I got caught up in The Hold so I had my wife chasing me as “you have been out for a long time”!

My plan, that I forgot to mention to her, was to go along the Waterfront and take some “summer” photos for the blog and then go and find the new decorative addition to The Hold (more later). W ell, the first part went Ok in that I took the following up at Neptune Marina.

I always think that these blocks of flats are very attractive. I am not sure that I would want my balcony to be quite so close to there pavement, however.

From there, I went across the road to The Hold. Now, if you don’t know, The Hold is the Suffolk Archive Repository. However, I wasn’t there, first off, for documents etc. I was there because a wall in The Hold garden and been in the news.

Quite why they wanted an image of a stag beetle to be painted on the wall, I can’t imagine. However, it was very well done and really looks in 3D. Impressive.

While I was there, I thought I might investigate the archive. I took this picture before they told me that you need a £5 permission to take photos!

After I had talked to the librarian and put my bags in a locker outside, I finally got to ask a question – “do you have any photos of the Gas Works on Orwell Quay?” Our apartment complex is built on the gas works plot. She found me some books to look into and went off to check the archives for any photos. I surreptitiously took a couple of photos on my phone of images in books. One didn’t come out so this is all I have for now.

I have found out how to get to the photos in the archive and it is possible to get clearance for publication so that’s a future blog post.

I then stopped off at The Hold café for a flat white and a cake. I couldn’t get a seat outside so I regretted not waiting until I got to Paddy and Scott’s at the Uni. The University seems to have done well in some rankings so here we are.

My son is associated with the QS rankings so I will see what he says.

I met Ian and his wife on the way back so we sat in the sunshine and had a chat. What better way to spend a sunny day? Here are a few photos of the day just to enjoy.

I ended up, of course down by the Aurora, which is in new hands. Opening on 16th is “A Listers at The Aurora”. A Listers have a café in Woodbridge and are bringing a similar idea to the Aurora. I had a chat with one of the people who told me that they will be opening at 10am as café with the whole building available for seating. So, you don’t need to book an expensive meal to sit on the balcony, for instance. I know that we will be there next Saturday with coffee and tea to enjoy as my wife doesn’t get out much due to the needs of her 97 year old mother! They have been tidying up and re-staining all the benches ready for opening.

I then walked up to the podium and had a look at the flower displays that are there every summer. They are wonderful and very attractive.

Lastly, there is a bit of the wall of Capstan House showing beyond the wrapping so we can see what they have been doing. This is the insulation that they have put in place to replace the dodgy stuff there before.

I guess that the noise we have been suffering is the drilling for the firings on the sheets.

OK, that’s all for the day. What have we next. Well, on Monday they are replacing the door access mechanisms. We have new fobs and a phone app. We shall see how it goes.

Lastly, I have a request. It costs quite a bit to keep the WordPress account and the domain name going, plus my camera gear is quite expensive so I wondered if any of my subscribers would be willing to help. The way this is done is through a Patreon account. Normally, with a Patreon set up, there are varying levels of monetary support with a variety of benefits. Well, that’s not what is happening here. It is very simple. If you sign up as a Patron of this blog, you pay £1 per month. What you get is just the satisfaction of helping me, in my retirement, to keep the blog going. I can’t even offer an advert free option as you don’t see any ads anyway!

If you would like to offer your support go to the Patreon Web site and sign up. You will be charged £1 and then monthly until you cancel.

Thank you.


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