Some scaffolding is coming down

The work on what we now call the East wall is now complete and the scaffolding is coming down.

The Podium Door is now being uncovered.

Other good news is that the glass for the balconies on the south side – i.e. on Patteson Road – is now being reinstated.

Each pane is carefully marked to get it back in the right place.

I got quite excited when I got down on to the waterfront itself when it looked like the Carters storage area was being cleared – but…

It turns out that they were reinstating it after the Dragon Boat racing as they had to clear it out to give the space needed. They stored it all on the Uni carpark!

2 thoughts on “Some scaffolding is coming down”

  1. It seems that July might be OK. They are working around our balcony today and looking at getting the glass back in.

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