Ropes and more ropes

It was a nice day on Saturday and I had to go round to the Pharmacy – my regular trip nowadays – so I took my nice Olympus mirror-less camera with me. My intention was to make a study of ropes on the Queen Galadriel, which has been in the Wet dock for a few days.

Here goes. There are lots of photos so I hope that you enjoy details of an old sailing ship.

I also thought that you might like a look at Millionaires Row – Fairline’s line of boats to be prepped for sale. there must be a few bob parked here.

Also, there was a nice example of Spirit Yacht’s work.

Well, that’s it for today.

2 thoughts on “Ropes and more ropes”

  1. Great shots of the rigging – there would be a pretty penny wrapped up in the ropes let alone the Vessel itself -millionaires row looks way beyond my credit card limit!

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