Wet and Windy

Winter is upon us today. They were working on the bollards that should block the entry to the Waterfront but have been inoperative for months. After a few tries in the past, the port seems to have decided that it needs doing properly. Reluctantly, I went out to have a look given that the wind was blowing hard and it was raining, albeit a fine mist. As usual, no-one minds being asked what they are doing. My opening gambit was “so you are here to fix it properly” to which I got very positive and friendly replies.

There were quite a few vehicles involved, plus someone sitting in the cab of the lorry out of the rain!

The digger – remember that lousy shot from yesterday – was still there but this time the sun wasn’t in my eyes.

As I went along to go up to the Podium, I saw that Alert was back. I like photographing Alert as she is am impressive ship.

Just to show how the wind was blowing I took a short video of the Trinity House flag flying on Alert’s prow.

There was no activity on the scaffolding today – did I hear cries of “shame” – well maybe not. I know that they said that the wrapping fabric was chosen to withstand the wind. Well, have a look at this.

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