Mid November Miscellany

A list of things today. First off, my wife has noticed that there is blossom on the trees on the Podium. Yes, I know, late November and all that so I thought it was the silver underneath of leaves showing until… I went down to the Podium to check. She is right. There is blossom. So if anyone can identify the trees, maybe we will know what is going on. Here is the tree.

Here is the blossom closer in.

It looks like apple blossom but they aren’t apple trees.


I had never come across SARS before until I saw one of their cars outside the Aurora today. It appears that SARS is the Suffolk Accident Rescue Service and is an emergency backup for ambulances when specialist knowledge is required. Quite impressive design. Maybe someone was in the Aurora?

Back to Scaffolding, I’m afraid!

It’s a lovely day out there with a big difference to yesterday which was overcast and rainy. Just check out the sky! As you can see, they have got nearly to the top on the west face of Capstan House.

They do work up high in these jobs.

I caught the lift on its way down.

There was a digger parked up in Patteson Road. The sun was not good but, if you like good honest large work equipment then…

Neither Andy or Steve were around to ask what it was there for.

Aurora Container Bar

There has been a report recently about a proposed container bar outside the Aurora. It has been turned down. I thought you might like to see the offending item. (Again, the sun is my enemy!)

Our balcony

Lastly, just have a look at the view from our balcony. We will have to start pulling the curtains in our bedrooms once they really get going here.

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