Belgian boats and skaters

and a little about cladding thrown in!

Castor is a Belgian Navy patrol vessel. It has been here before but a long time ago. It is big and grey and is getting a good bit of attention.

Without going all of the way round onto the island, it is difficult to get an overall shot of a bigger boat but I got this one from outside the Cult Café.

My friend Dan, in the USA, loves cranes so here is one just for him.

For some reason it is not only flying the Belgian flag but also the Royal Navy White Ensign.

Here are a few more general shots.

Christmas is coming

The council are putting up the Christmas tree down by the University. It is still blocked off but, as soon as it is lit, I will go down and get some nice shots.

Back to cladding

Before I show the current state of play on our block, I was surprised to see work being carried out on the University residence block next to the Cult Café. I wonder if they have the same issue or is it something else. I am bemused though as the whole front has been stripped but the scaffolding is partially built. Mind you, the other day on my way back from the pharmacy I saw a large cherry picker there so maybe they used that? Who knows?

Now we get back to our block. This is the south side elevation so now, you can see the lift in its full extent.

As you can see, they are starting to wrap the west side. They have a couple of teams on now so they are getting on with our side as well. We have men walking backwards and forwards outside our widows – a bit disconcerting!

Skaters Waltz

When I was down by Castor, I saw two guys who were having a great time showing off their skills at roller skating to music.

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