Lifts and exits

I went down to put the rubbish into the bins this morning and found that the bins were outside awaiting the council collection. Lucky for me as I managed to catch two things. One was the new lift that they have fitted to the scaffolding and the other was Suntis leaving. Now I have wanted to show this for some time but I am never down on the waterfront when she leaves but today I was!

First off is the regular update on the scaffolding. The new lift is just for the detritus coming off the walls and NOT for personnel use. I am sure that I took a video of the lift working and a photo of the whole thing but neither is on my phone so maybe next time… Here is a close up of the lift along with one of the gates that have been installed on each floor. Evidently, the gates are tied into the lift and can only be opened when the lift is at that floor and the lift door is open. Everything that Carters does is tied around safety. My memories go back to Hong Kong in 1998 where they had bamboo scaffolding and men scampering up the outside without any safety equipment at all!

The expected skip is now in place. My wife loves skips but this one is a bit bigger than the ones she used to have at home!

They have started to wrap on the west side of the building. It was extremely windy the other day and I was told that they can’t scaffold when the wind exceeds 25mph so, on this occasions they move around to our side (the north) to keep going.


As as I said, I haven’t managed to get down to the waterfront in time to show Suntis leaving since I restarted the blog but now I was there so… Excuse the fingers at one point. I have dubbed music on as I had a fit of coughing which we can all do without. This is about three minutes long and to some it could be akin to paint drying. You have been warned!

I had a discussion with Andy about how clever it is to reverse a boat as big as this backwards through the lock but given that they do it one a fortnight they are a bit practiced at it.

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  1. Excellent video of Suntis David-not all of us find it tedious-take it from someone who has seen a few ships come and go -he he

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