Battleship Row – sort of

I have had the pleasure and privilege of visiting Pearl Harbour in Hawaii and been able to stand over the wreck of the USS Arizona and to look down what they called “Battleship Row”. No way near as important to the world but we had our little equivalent yesterday with four survey vessels all parked along the Wet Dock.

We have seen all of these before. The leftmost two were covered in a recent blog entry. M.V. Morven has been mentioned over the recent past but never mind, I have some photos so I shall use them – smile.

The fourth one has been here before but not for some time.

AMS Spirit is a catamaran wind farm service vessel.

It is used to ferry people and supplies around. It looks very comfortable inside.

I bumped into Tom from EWS when out photographing and he checked if I was going to be at the Extraordinary general meeting on 22nd of November. Is there any chance that I might miss it? Thought not!

Back to the scaffolding

They are coming around to do us now. The work is getting very close in.

It is wet and cold out there and they aren’t very chatty – not surprisingly.


They are finally fixing the bollards that protect the waterfront from random traffic. They can be lower, if you have a key and it used to be that the key was only obtained from the Port authority. Since they have be broken anyone has been able to drive up there so this might make it safer, if a bit less convenient for Aurora customers.

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