News on the cladding

We had a meeting last Thursday evening where Carters, the appointed contractors, gave us a run down on what is expected to happen. I do have their slide show but am awaiting their permission to publicise it. I get it, I will post their slide show in its entirity. Carters are a very well respected building contractor. Locally, they did all the work on the Winerack, including incorporating that spiffy German car parking machinery, and The Hold.

In the meantime I will give a quick overview of the information. They are taking the balconies down as a first action, using a crane. This will be interesting to watch is it will have to be a pretty impressive cherry picker to get to the eighth floor! They intend to lock each patio door with a replacement key and put a bar across the opening. Seems sensible.

The Aurora carpark is to become their home for the duration with portacabin offices, restrooms and storage plus toilets. The scaffolding will then go up (around 9 weeks – remember that they are doing 7 Anchor Street at the same time). A 2.7m security wall will be placed around the base of the building keeping everyone off the scaffolding. The work will then commence. They are taking down the white render and the red(?) tiles to get to what is underneath. As there is no Operation and Maintenance (?) or OM manual available, they have to take an investigative approach to the problem. The walls that are made up of wood all have to be replaced with composite materials that are fireproof.

Once all this has happened, the scaffolding will come down and the balconies will be replaced. Each balcony will be tagged so they go back whence they came. Some of the balconies (I think on the dock side of the building) have wooded decking so this will be replaced, at the same time as reinstatement, with composite equivalents. This is expected to be around May time in 2023. The project manager from Carters is hopeful that they can finish early as there are penalty clauses on the project. He did say that they have ensured that all the money from Persimmon to pay for this has already been paid and that all of the tools, equipment and supplies have already been acquired so there is no danger of delays due to lack of anything.

Well, that’s pretty much it. If I get clearance from Carter’s, I will post the full slide show. Until next time…

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