St. Peter’s by the Waterfront

Some time ago, I was down in St. Peter’s St. buying some fabric from Crafty Baba, my goto place when doing my favourite patchwork sewing. I took the opportunity to go into St. Peter’s church. Normally, when I get down this area, it is on a Saturday and the church is closed but today it was open. This is a bit of a photo shoot and not too many words so here goes.

As the poster says, there was a display of “charter hangings” or tapestries to you and me. This made me even more eager to go in. I did check if photos were allowed so, off we go.

What a wonderful window
The usual 1st. WW panel – that adorns churches throughout the land.

The town is always proud of its association with Cardinal Wolsey.

The first church on the site.
What a magnificent old font!

Well, that’s it. If you get the chance, why not pop in and have a look round. Better still, go to the regular music sessions that they hold. Check them out HERE

You can see bigger images by right clicking on any one and selecting “Open image in new Tab” or “Open image in new page” to see a much bigger version.

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