A bit of news about the cladding and my car!

First off, a little bit of an issue with my car. When I am in and out I tend to leave my car parked on the road as it is easier than getting my wheelchair through the underground car park. However, there appears to be a risk attached to that. My next door neighbour called me last night to tell me that someone had parked in my allotted place! He kindly put a notice on the car. The morning I had a visit from Carter’s – the builders (about that later) – accompanied by Dwain, the caretake – concierge. I told him of the issue and he has put the following notice of the offending vehicle:

When my mother-in-law moved into 310 upstairs, the previous tenant had left a car that was “dumped”. The landlord eventually removed it to his own garage but it took him two years to get the DVLA to agree to him disposing of it. I hope that isn’t the case here. More to come, no doubt.

We had a visit today by a group of people representing Carter’s. the local building firm that built the Winerack and The Hold. They know what they are doing! They wanted to inspect the balcony to get to grips with how they might come down. Well, I hope that they learned something. I certainly did. They don’t appear to have permission yet to use any of the land around the block (the freehold of 51 Patteson Road only covers the footprint of the building). It also seems that they need an assessment of the possible impact of cranes on the ground and so on. Also, they have yet to obtain a storage site to store the balconies. We wait with some trepidation. It would seem that early autumn might be the start date so better than the summer. It is expected to take one year to complete but we are assured that the cladding material won’t by solid plastic sheet so there is some hope that we will be OK for air.

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  1. Will they be doing the whole building at once, or will they do it in sections? It would seem doing it in sections would minimize the impact to individuals. I get it, that might not be their main goal.

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