One of those days

That you get now and then…

When I just wander around and tell you about the little things.

First off, they are replacing a lot of panels in the ceiling and then sealing them all up with some “intumescent” sealant. All part of the big push to protect the building from fire. It seems that the work that has been done over the last couple of years hasn’t been to the right standard so we are off again. This time it needs both Fire and Building Control approval from Ipswich Borough Council before they close anything up. Maybe this time is the right time? Anyway, we haven’t seen panels like these ones before so maybe they are the right ones.

Also, I am somewhat confused as they are working on 210’s front door. 210 is the mirror of our apartment. I did take a picture but first off it was a bad case of builder bum and secondly it was out of focus. Teaches me not to rely on my phone but to take my camera with me everywhere I go. He told me that he wasn’t replacing the door, but refitting it and replacing all the surrounds to include some more “intumescent” sealant. (I am beginning to be able to type that word without thinking!). I asked about replacing keys and he said No. So, I am confused because we were quite clearly told a couple of weeks ago that we were having a new door and new keys. They even said that they would do the same to the cupboard next door where I store my wheelchair. Oh well, we shall see.

Now back to the Waterfront.

Another Owl has arrived.

My wife, Valerie, has noticed building materials being sent along the Waterfront so asked me to check out what was going on. Nothing much; just some paving stones being relaid by the looks of it.

Three boats worthy of mention. First up is Fenland. This has been a stalwart of the Waterfront since we have lived here – 10 years in August – but it has been missing for a few months. It is nice to see it back again.

Next up is a “mini” Thames Barge. She is known as a “half sized” barge. She is a lovely little thing and sits below the Quayside here. I couldn’t get a shot of her as she is too low. As it was, I had to get under the quayside chain fence to get a picture of the rear.

Following on from my recent post about “Bob”s here is a shot of Blackthorn’s. Again, not as good as usual because it is a highly enlarged phone image.

Lastly, I was ignoring one of our normal residents and suddenly realised that it was a newcomer. H.M.S. Trumpeter is normally here in its berth. As it says on the RN web site “HMS Trumpeter is an Archer-class patrol vessel attached to the Cambridge University Royal Naval Unit (URNU). Her role is to provide Officer Cadets with the skills and attributes they need for a career in the Royal Navy.” On a second look, I realised that it wasn’t Trumpeter but H.M.S. Express – one from the same class.

This is what the website says “HMS EXPRESS is one of the 14 Archer-class patrol vessels that form the Coastal Forces Squadron. Versatile and able to operate in confined waters she conducts many roles including Maritime Security, Support to NATO Operations and assisting in the training of future Warfare Officers of the Royal Navy.” She is normally berthed in Penarth Marina, Cardiff Bay. I wonder what she is doing so far from home. Trumpeter is currently off Ramsgate, out of interest.

Well, that’s it for today. Let me know if you found this of interest.

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