Owls and things

I mentioned about the owls in the last post but that was just the one alongside our apartment complex. Today, I went for a run, in my wheelchair all around the Waterfront and over to the Island. My aim was to shoot off a roll of black and white “traditional” 35mm film using my old Canon EOS650. However, on the way, I found lots to record for the blog including a good few of the owls that are sprinkled around the Waterfront. The B&W film will have to wait until I have developed and scanned it (along with a roll that I shot at Holywells Park last week). I will put a link up here when they are ready.

In the meantime, let us have a look as some of the owls that have turned up around here.

As you can see – outside Ashtons solicitors
Across on the Island outside the “Last Anchor”
Outside the Old Customs House
Issac Lord
Outside The Hold (there was a post in the way so no straight on shot)
Three “mini-owls” inside The Hold
Outside the University

OK, so that is all the Owls that I could find. Being nearly out of power, I headed for home but not before having a coffee in Paddy & Scotts and popping round to Tesco’s for a bag of chips (as instructed!).

I did take some more photos mainly to back up my B&W themed shooting but there was one left over that deserves a showing here and that was on the open area behind the Cult Café. I am not sure when this is happening but there is a major event coming.

This, obviously, unwrapped from the back of a lorry – impressive. I am sure that we will hear this when it takes place!

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