Summer Solstice – plus

This was supposed to be a post just about the longest day of the year but we had a fairly heavy storm on Sunday night – lots of thunder, lightning and heavy rain so I thought that I would show you what it looked like from our balcony around 9.20pm.

It was strange that, one hour or so later, the storm was with us!

OK, well today is the longest day of the year and it is absolutely wonderful. There are blue skies and it is 67f (19c) so a perfect midsummer day. Too perfect, actually, to be ruined by this:

Yes, we have Suntis back with all of the disruption and noise from them using Eagle Wharf again for their unloading. Never mind, wandering further down the waterfront and you get this:

Yes, the Owls are upon us. The whole town is being presented with Owls that are sponsored by various businesses and in aid of a range of charities. My daughter owns Willow Park Montessori Nursery School who are sponsoring a “Little Hoot”

Wandering on, today is a great day for shooting images across the water as the sky is blue and so is the water!

Finally, on my way to the Aqua Pharmacy (a regular trip!) and Tescos (even more regular!!!) I came across a grassy area around the back of the Cult Café which seems to be being left to “wild”.

A regular reminder – you can “right click” on any image to see a larger version in a new tab or window (depends upon your browser options).

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