Gay Pride 2022

Saturday was a day for celebration of Gay Pride in Ipswich. There was a long parade from Dance East. down to the Cult Café. I had some trouble with “media” photographers feeling that their needs were greater than mine but I did manage to get a nice set of images. It is very nice how people, if you ask them, will pose for you not knowing that they will ever see the photo. I did hand out lots of Ipswich Waterfront `blog contact cards so maybe they will see them after all.

Anyway, first up is the video I took of the parade starting.

Now we have a gallery of images of some of the people that made a special effort for the day.

There were lots of organisations here to support the parade on the day. Here are some of them.

Finally, I went round to the University car park where there was a gathering of lots of stalls representing the local institutions or gay pride vendors.

I was quite surprised. I expected to feel excluded but, actually, I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and making sure that they enjoyed the day. Those I ask to pose were happy to do so and didn’t even mind having a card forced (!) on them. Hopefully, this will result in some more hits on the blog.

Don’t forget that you can see any image larger by right clicking and opening on a new tab/page. Please tell all your friends and relations about the blog. I don’t get any money for this so it is a labour of love.


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