A shot of colour on a Thursday evening

I was on my way to the Bella Napoli to pick up a couple of pizzas along with my camera. I had my camera because I hope to do an entry about ‘bobs’; i.e. the flags on the masthead of each Thames barge. Thistle is still here so I thought that I would grab its one.

However, after taking the required photos I notice a vision in colour, roller skating around outside the Cult Café. I asked if I could take some photos and there was a ready agreement. How about this then!

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask any names. On the way back we had a short discussion:

me: Can I ask a rude question?

vision: Depends on how rude!

Me: are you dressed like this in preparation for the Gay Pride parade?

vision: I will be there but I dress like this all year round!

I was left a bit amazed at that but what a wonderful attitude. I did take one more “ad hoc” photo though.

One thought on “A shot of colour on a Thursday evening”

  1. Hi, I’m the girl in the rainbow outfit! These pictures came out awesome x

    For some context, me and my friend here are very passionate about Japanese ‘Harajuku’ street fashion.
    You can see more on instagram if curious!

    Pinky: @troubleinthemessagecentre

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