Just a sunny Wednesday morning

It’s a usual sunny day for Summer on the Waterfront. Just ideal for a trip out to Tesco for some milk! Well, it give me an excuse to take my camera out and see what is happening – there is generally something.

OK,so my wife tells me that the flowers on the podium are really lovely now as they are coming into full bloom. Is that a hint to go and have a look? ‘Course it is!

I then wandered down onto the Quay. It’s such a lovely day that I can’t resist a view down to the lock against a bright blue sky.

Unusually, we have a Thames Barge visitor. Thistle is an infrequent visitor to the Wet Dock. Today, it is waiting to go out with a group of passengers all having a good chat.

I saw it leave a few minutes after I got back from my little trip.

I was quite surprised to see a whole host of chalk drawings on the floor outside The Cult café. These seem to have been drawn by The Woodcraft Folk. Now, I was a member of these for a short time way back in my childhood in Streatham, South London. I had no idea that they were still around. Anyway, the drawings all seem to be celebrating the forthcoming Gay Pride weekend!

I went on round to Tesco for my milk and flowers. I got back in time to see Thistle leaving but I was slow with my camera so that was missed.

We have two events this weekend. Firstly there is the Gay Pride parade on Saturday morning and the Transport Museum is having its annual open day where all the local clubs open up their doors. I will be going to the IPMS Ipswich Model Show (scale plastic models) after the parade.

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