It’s the Jubilee! Day 2 Blow your horn!

After a wonderful day yesterday when the Trooping of the Colour showed everyone what this country stands for, we had a day for reflection with the event at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Much quieter over here so I took a roll around the Waterfront to see how everyone was celebrating.

Well, first off, nothing to do with the Jubilee but great fun to watch. Here is a girl showing off her skills, not just as a roller skater but also as a juggler. This was in the skater’s regular haunt outside The Cult café. This is in two parts. She changed clothing after I left on my way out so the 2nd half is on my way back home.

Having been diverted from my task, I finally moved on. First off, there was an arranged event at 12.00 where the boats in the Waterfront would blow their horns etc. For some reason my camera didn’t do what I wanted so this is a bit sparse. Anyway, it gives an idea of the event.

How bad is that?

The trouble le is that I only found out when I got home, however, even if I had known, the event was over so I couldn’t do a rerun 🙁

From there I rolled around up to the Customs House and got some images of how the residents and businesses of the Waterfront were celebrating the Jubilee. Here we go.

I used my camera facility to burst 15 shots to get the flag flying out.
Lots of boats had bunting up.
Some apartments as well.
Good old Isaacs always has a show
More boat bunting
This is up Wherry Lane
Another apartment. This time over Wiff Waff
This is across to The Last Anchor restaurant
I popped out to Star Lane for this one – always a bit of a mystery.
To finish off – the Union Jack at Neptune Marina

Well, that is it. I hope that you enjoyed the trip on a very special day.

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