It’s the Jubilee! Day 1 Street Party

70 years on and I can still remember watching the Coronation on a neighbour’s small black and white TV with most of the other children in the street! Mind you, it did prompt my Dad to buy our first tele so that was good.

On the first day of the celebrations Alan – of Orwell Quay Residents fame – organised a “street party” on the podium of the apartment complex. Not the largest gathering but we all had a good drink, nice party food and pleasant conversation.

Nice to see Elizabeth, our local councillor joining in the fun!
Sue is having a good time
Note there Victyorta sponge – it was excellent!

All in all, we had a good time. Lots of friendly conversation and memories of past Jubilees.

One last memory from me – at the Silver Jubilee, in 1977, we were at my mother-in-law’s house in Rise Park, Romford. There was a street party organised on the green at the top of Garry Way. There was a marquee, which was just as well as it poured with rain (I remember the organ from the band getting soaked when a large puddle on the roof came in!). The big feature was a children’s hat competition. My two eldest – Samantha and Simon both were entered and Samantha won with a hat based on “four and twenty blackbirds”.

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