Grafitti – again!

When I did the last lot of graffiti I didn’t get as far as Stoke Bridge so I missed the new murals that have been put up, plus, I didn’t go round the corner to St. Peter’s Church. Since then, the new murals have been picked up by the Ipswich Star where they have covered the painting and displaying by over 100 children on the walls along that end of the Waterfront.

If you right click and choose “Open image in new tab” or something similar, you will see the chosen image much larger. You may have to reduce the image to see it properly! (Command + or – on a Mac, Control + or – on Windows).

I then walked along to the end and turned towards the church. Here is an interesting brick wall. I wonder how old it is?

I then walked around along towards the church to find some older, less distinct graffiti.

The whole brick wall around this end of the temporary car park next to the Paul building is not in a good state of repair but would seem to be quite old.

From here, I found that St. Peter’s Church was open but that’s another story.

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