Cars, dance and seagulls

I posted a photo the other day of a nice 1960s US saloon car. When I was out and about yesterday I came across these two parked up on the Waterfront and, being a nice glowing orange and unusual, I decided that your all needed to see them! First up is a nice BMW Z3 on an S plate which makes it dated from around 1998-1999.

The other car is a very smart Porsche 718 Cayman T. This one is only a couple of years old but is a wonder to look at.

I had made a trip round to St. Peter’s street – more on that in a later blog. On the way back it started to rain, which is not good news in a wheelchair so I ducked into the Dance East Café for a little respite. (Note~: this photo was taken at the Fun Run so isn’t the café in the rain!).

I had never been any further than the café before so, after my coffee I wandered in further.

Lastly, before it rained, I was watching some seagulls. I thought that I would try my new camera’s facility to focus on birds. This was taken from across the water to the Island so was quite a stretch for my lens. I think it shows what the quality is for modern digital camera systems.

This is the original so you can see how well it has been enlarged.

That’s all for now. Lots more to come.

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