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OK, so I have been a Canon fan for many years but long before that, in the good old days of film, I was an Olympus nut and, in fact was an early user of the Olympus digital “four thirds” system. Recently, as I have mentioned, I swapped the Canon 90D digital SLR, that I rashly bought last year, for an Olympus OM-D EM Mk.III (snappy name!). This Olympus is a 20mp camera with a 12-45mm zoom lens (24-90mm equivalent on a full frame camera) and differs from the Canon in that it is “mirrorless”. This means that it doesn’t have a mirror as in an SLR (single lens reflex) to let you see what you are shooting through the viewfinder but a digital image so no mirror is required.

It is a really neat and compact camera which makes it easy on my poor arthritic hands.

So — I am out and about on Thursday up and down the waterfront doing a bit of fabric shopping and some photography when I get stopped by a couple leaning on the barriers near the Salthouse hotel. The gentleman says to me – isn’t it great to see someone still using one of the old cameras. This made me chuckle so I carefully explained to him that it has been designed to look like an old film Olympus OM-1 but, of course, is actually a fully featured digital camera. He was quite disappointed as he was a photographer himself and thought he had seen what he said. I did point out to him that I do go out and about with a Canon EOS650 film camera and develop my own films in black and white.

He was so pleased with our conversation that he insisted on taking a photo of me so here I am, in my wheelchair – a sight not to be seen too often here.

I said that I would provide an e-mail address as that is lacking on the “business” card that I hand out so here goes – Long Haired David.

OK, that’s out of the way now let’s see what little things have been happening. Firstly, the flower displays have been put together on the podium and elsewhere. These normally become really great displays. At the moment, they are just coming into life.

Secondly, I managed to get an explanation for something that had been bothering me for years. On a fairly regular basis we get a fire engine down on the waterfront. They reverse up and dip hoses into the water. We always assumed that they were emptying their tank so they could be refreshed but that didn’t make a lot of sense. Yesterday afternoon, I was out and about when they were here so, as usual, I rolled up and simply asked one of them what they were doing. (I have found that, if you ask nicely, any workman is happy to tell you what they are doing and most are pleased to be asked.)

Well, it seems that they don’t have any open water at the station so, to practice getting water in that fashion, they come down here to practice and to make sure that the equipment is all in top notch condition. I remember, quite a few years ago when we were living in Tuddeham St. Martin, the thatched house at the top of the hill going out towards Ipswich caught fire. The Fire Brigade had to use the water in the swimming pool to compliment the water in the appliances. Thinking back, their coming to the Waterfront makes a lot of sense.

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