Waterfront Cafés – Part 1

There isn’t much activity going on at the moment along the Waterfront so I thought that I would give you a run down on the long list of Waterfront Cafés. Sunday was a bit overcast but, being a bank holiday weekend, the Waterfront was a good destination for families etc.

I am fortunate in that my wheelchair has enough power to get me out to Stoke Bridge and back so this exercise will encompass every one that I can find that is on or near the Waterfront. I will do it in two parts though as there are quite a few that need to be covered.

Please note that I am not recommending any specific establishment so any comments are made as a general observation and not as a recommendation or criticism. Also, don’t forget that, by right clicking on your mouse you can open any image in a new tab and see it in its full size glory.

The Aurora Restaurant and Bar

Our apartment overlooks the Aurora. We often go down to the Aurora for a coffee or for brunch on a Sunday.

The Cult
The Cult is a very vibrant place with lots of quirky furniture and decoration. I have found the staff very helpful.

Coffee Link
This café is underneath Neptune Marina apartment block.

Paddy and Scott’s
This is a bit of a strange one as it is part of the University and, no matter when I have been passed, I have never seen it open! I like the reflection, though.

Coffee Cat
I remember having a very nice breakfast in here, way before lockdown, but I haven’t been in there for some time. It is always busy and I can never see a way in for my wheelchair. Mind you, I like the idea of specialities for dogs.

Isaacs is a very old building and was originally a malting. It is a very popular venue for music as well as eating and drinking. They do a great bacon and egg bap! The pods on the upper deck are a great idea.

The Bistro on the Quay
I have never been in here but it always looks like a great place to eat. It as bloomed onto the pavement since lockdown and is very popular. Like Isaacs, it is an old part of the waterfront.

Part of the Bistro is Mariners which is a boat docked permanently alongside. We ate here years ago when it was known as the “Il Punto”.

Pizza Express and WiffWaff
Two modern cafés in a new building.

That’s all for now. There will be further instalments.

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