First go with my Olympus M5 Mk. III

I was away on Saturday when my new camera arrived but it was soon unpacked when I got back later in the day. What a nice little compact SLR. It is an OM-D E M5 Mk.III (it could be snappier!) with a 12-45mm F4 PRO lens. It seems to be a brilliant combination. 

Anyway, it was a lovely day on Sunday so I took the camera out and rolled around the Ipswich Wet Dock. I say “rolled” as I use a wheelchair for any trip longer than about 50 yards! Never mind, I get around and enjoy myself so… I met a chap who was proud to tell me that he was 75. I didn’t let on that I was 77! (Sorry about all the ! but I am in that sort of mood – grin). He also told me that he had seen an otter in the water. Well, I was a bit confused about this until I realised that he must have seen our resident seal.

I didn’t go too far but far enough to get a range of photos just to see how the camera fared. It has a huge menu of options and settings so I am sure that I can set it up a bit better as I had to darken down, just a little, every image. Here we go:

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