Small attack of the tall ships

The Cordon Sailing Trust has a collection of, what we would call, tall ships and a few of them were in the Waterfront today.

First off, though, there was a little bit of excitement. As we were returning home this afternoon a black BMW unmarked Police car came rapidly down Patteson Road with its blue lights flashing. I saw it turn round the corner towards Anglo-Norden but by the time I got to the corner, there was no sign of it – excitement over!

As I parked the car, I saw that there were a few “tall ships” alongside on Orwell Quay so I rolled down there to take some pictures. None of them are new to the Wet Dock but, nevertheless, it is a lovely afternoon so I thought that they would make some nice photos. However, as I am currently restricted to my phone, it was hard to see the screen because the sun was so bright. However, I managed.

Queen Galadriel


Excelsior (a fishing Smack) – LT472 – Lowestoft

Then, I took a few images to fill in the details:

I am still chasing my new camera but these aren’t too bad, I think.

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