Some excitement last evening

You will know about the concerns regarding the susceptibility of the apartment block to fire due to the cladding issues. Well, yesterday evening at around 10.20pm, as I was going to bed, I heard a faint noise from the hallway. Our main door is a fire door so is heavily built and keeps the noise down very well. In this instance, though, it was an issue because I heard, very faintly, the fire alarm going.

I looked out to find my neighbours leaving the building with one of them doing an exploratory walk around. Eventually, he came back to say that people were evacuating. Now, we have a problem because neither me nor my 96 year old mother-in-law can use the stairs so we have been told to wait for the Fire Brigade to come and evacuate us! Not too comfortable but I can’t see any other solution as we mustn’t use the lifts.

After about 10 minutes the fire alarm in our apartment started up, which made me feel that this was serious so I called 999 (never done that before) and got the Fire Brigade. On explaining the situation I was told that they knew about it and it had been caused by someone with a Vape cigarette! I was told that we needed to contact the block management to turn the alarm off. Discussing this with our neighbours, it seemed that this had already happened but the person was struggling to get into the equipment. Finally, they obviously did get in as the noise stopped and all those gathered out in the Aurora carpark came back in!


2 thoughts on “Some excitement last evening”

  1. I’m glad it wasn’t more serious. Exciting to say the least. A little scary, too, I’ll bet.

    FYI, my credentials are in the form today.

  2. David

    The situation is worse than that, yesterday morning l saw one of the Fire Marshalls who had so professionally handled this first Total evaluation and was shocked to learn that they had all been reprimanded that morning, as they were no longer contracted to work on Capstan House, as we have a heat sensor system in place and they should not have got involved

    Well thank god they did, the reason I was advised by the fire Marshall, that the fire service were aware was because the system can identify the problem ,and if false alarm as in this case, will automatically cancel call to fire brigade. It can not however switch off the very loud alarm until engineer arrives on site to reset the system which Monday night was just after 11..00 pm.

    I have taken this matter up with EWS as without the involvement of the temporary on site fire marshals and no fire service attendance or EWS we might all be still milling around outside.

    Needless to say at time of writing no response or acknowledgment from EWS

    Will update all further when any kind of response is received.

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