Change of equipment

This may or may not be of interest. The blog is on hold for a week or so due to me changing equipment. For the last 15 or so years I have be a user of Canon cameras. I recently bought a new Canon 90D digital SLR thinking that I was getting the best that I could afford. However, I hadn’t done my research enough and, after spending out the money, I realised that the world had moved on from such devices to a simpler form of top end camera – Mirrorless.

What this means is that, unlike an SLR (or single lens reflex), mirrorless cameras don’t have – guess what – a mirror, which is what is used in an SLR. This mirror projects the image up to the viewfinder and then leaps out of the way to take the picture. The mirrorless camera doesn’t have a mechanical mechanism like this but just has a shutter in front of a digital receptor.

Anyway, I have sold the Canon 90D and purchased an Olympus mirrorless M5 Mk. III. The problem is that I sold the Canon last week and won’t get the new one until later this week. Then I am away for a couple of days celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary so I won’t be back in blog harness until the earliest next week.

I hope that this makes sense.

In the meantime, it is a lovely sunny Easter Monday here on the Waterfront. For those outside England, it is a bank holiday here so a time for relaxation. Here are two views from our balcony.

This could be one of the last views before it all gets wrapped ready for the cladding to be replaced.

I’ll be back soon.


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