Grafitti – 2

Here is the second set of images regarding the graffiti round near St. Peter’s Wharf. There first two are down Foundry Lane, a little off the pedestrian beaten track.

According to Wikipedia Sophia Dullep Singh was a prominent Suffragette.

We are now out on College Street. This next image comes from the building next to Wolsey Gate. The scaffolding around this building has been there as long as I can remember so I am not sure what is going on with it.

These next two images are taken from the other side of what is now Key Street. It fascinates me how streets in Ipswich change their name as you go along them Obviously, as Ipswich is such an old place, there must have been reasons for these changes that are lost in the current road layout. These two panels are underneath Dance East and The Foundry.

I can’t place this exactly so, as it is the last one I have, I will put in and update its location some time later.

Well, that’s about it. One last image here is for my friend in Connecticut, USA as he has a thing about cranes. This crane has been around the back of Star Lane for some time. As it was a lovely day with a clear blue sky, it was just waiting for a nice photo.

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  1. Welcome back! I love reading your blogs and seeing the photos. I live in your block too.
    Looking forward to the next one!

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